Healing The Earth: How To Bring Water Back to Barren Land and Sustain A Thriving Ecosystem

New Roads School is proud to host Anna Valer Clark (founder of Cuenca Los Ojos) and Rodrigo Sierra (Executive Director of Borderlands Restoration Network) for a presentation and conversation about “Healing the earth: a journey from barren land to thriving ecosystems.”

How To Bring Life To Barren Land at the Museum of National History in Los Angeles

On February 2019, in Los Angeles, Anna Valer Clark was invited to talk to a captivated audience at The National History Museum for the Night of Idea organized by The French Consulate. Her panel was on how to bring life back to barren lands. She shared the work she did with her foundation, Cuenca Los […]

Another Day With Valer Clark in Los Angeles

On January 30th,2019, I interviewed Valer Clark to gather information for my upcoming audio documentary coming out later this year; Nature is My Teacher. As usual, hanging out with Valer Clark was fun, moving, and inspiring! This petite woman is full of energy and positive vibes. We talked about what she had done over the […]