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The looming water crisis threatens to displace billions of people worldwide, posing a significant global challenge. Current projections indicate that the world is heading towards a depletion of fresh water resources. However, there is hope for a brighter future that hinges on collective action.

Our initiative, Nature Is My Teacher, aims to spotlight the remarkable contributions of female environmentalists and activists who are spearheading efforts to rejuvenate watersheds along the Arizona-Sonora border. Through their dedication and innovative approaches, such as the use of gabions and rock dams, these individuals have successfully revitalized water flows in arid regions. Their groundbreaking work has caught the attention of scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey. Her strategic use of nature-based solutions has not only restored water access but also serves as a blueprint for transforming water scarcity into abundance. These low-cost, sustainable methods operate in harmony with nature, showcasing a viable path forward in addressing the global water crisis. Read More

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