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Another Day With Valer Clark in Los Angeles

On January 30th,2019, I interviewed Valer Clark to gather information for my upcoming audio documentary coming out later this year; Nature is My Teacher. As usual, hanging out with Valer Clark was fun, moving, and inspiring!

This petite woman is full of energy and positive vibes. We talked about what she had done over the last few months at Cuenca Los Ojos, where the name of her foundation came from, and much more.

The Famous Radio Ranch

We read some extracts from a text by Rodrigo Sierra Corona, published in the book Perdido. Rodrigo was a student when he started camping on Valer’s land in Mexico and fell in love with the desert of Sonora. In his essay, he talks about Valer and Cuenca Los Ojos’ impact on his life (I cried!).

We discussed sustainable ranching, which made recording this interview at the Famous Radio Ranch Studio in Sherman Oaks very fitting, surrounded by pictures of cowboys and Native American families. Valer has also worked with Native American tribes, but you must listen to the documentary to learn more.

This studio is the perfect example of why I love Los Angeles. Despite gentrification, so many exciting places are out of the traditional path, reflecting the local culture that makes Los Angeles such an exciting city.

Thanks to Sandy

Our Sound engineer was Ajay Brahmandam.